So Who Is Going To Pay For Pizza?



Deciding who is going to pick up the bill for lunch is made easy for you with this plate, because printed on it is the cross section of the chambers from a revolver and one is blanked out. Whoever gets the blank chamber does not get the bullet, they get to pay instead, which is a good alternative don’t you think!



These are the details on this interesting Pizza Roulette game dish;


Who pays the pizza? Who does the dishes? Who buys the beer?

Leave it to faith, play The Plate Roulette.

Instructions: Place the pizza (cake etc…) on the plate hiding the gun barrel. Everybody gets a slice. If you are the one who gets the bullet, you lose… or win!

Players: from 2 to 6.

Porcelain plate 31CM


Priced at £26 ($40)


Source [Oh Gizmo]



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