The £7 Million Laptop Sleeve



How much is too much, it seems that sometimes the paying out £10 for laptop sleeve may be too much as it depends on the quality and if it does the job or not. However, for some folks it seems that looks are everything and when it comes to laptop sleeves, this one from Coverbee certainly has the look, but that look comes at a price. So what does £7 million buy you these days? Well it seems you are able to cover your laptop sleeve with 8,800 smartly cut diamonds, each one coming with its own certificate of origin, now that’s a lot of paper!



Here are the details on the world’s most expensive laptop sleeve;


The World’s most expensive Laptop Sleeve was just designed by the Dutch fashionable laptop sleeve company CoverBee. Diamonds have always had a special place in our hearts, and now they will cover our Laptops… Made of more than 8,800 (yes that’s right, eight-thousand eight-hundred) round cut Diamonds that are graded VS clarity and F in colour, each with their own, unique certificate of origin. The opening is protected with rare black sable fur from Siberia.


Source [Coolest Gadgets]