Explore The Great Outdoors From Your Desk



Forget Street View, this is National Parks View, a great new idea from Nature Valley the people who make the healthy cereal bars. So far, there are views of Grand Canyon National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Yellowstone National Park offering a chance to walk the trails around these park, there are about three hundred miles worth, so it is quite an effort to undertake even from your armchair.



These are the details on this really interesting feature from Nature Valley;


What is Nature Valley Trail View? Nature Valley Trail View offers 300-plus miles of immersive national parks content, through panoramic views and interactive guides to three of America’s most iconic national parks. A blend of boots-on-the-ground fieldwork and future-forward digital technology, NatureValleyTrailView.com offers views of trails at Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains and Yellowstone National Parks.


Source [Gizmag]