Meme The Wearable Camera



There have been covert cameras that can be worn around for ages, but the Meme from the Artefact Group is something completely different. The Meme is a fashion accessory, that takes a photo and presents the image straight away in the frame on the back of the device. The 8 mega pixel camera is capable of handling all sorts of situations and the controls are easy to master as its one button on the top!



Here is what the Artefact Group has to say about their cool new idea for collecting images;


Meme’s 8 MP camera lets users quickly capture high resolution images in the moment. These pictures may be shown on the display, stored on the device, or transmitted to a phone. Users activate the camera by pushing a single button to capture an image. A double click activates an automatic photo capture mode, which takes photos at a predetermined interval. That way, users can document an entire party, performance, or sporting event with minimal effort.


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Source [Gajitz]