Open Your Garage Door With Your Smartphone



It has to be a dream piece of kit, an app that opens your garage door for you. Well if HiQ have their way, you can fix up your garage to open up in front of you by simply using an app on your Smartphone. Currently this idea is seeking funding through Kickstarter the crowd funding site, they wish to raise funds in order to get the HiQ into production and into the garage doors of people too cool to get out and open it for themselves.



These are the main features for the very cool HiQ iOpener;



Introducing the HiQ iOpener! The iOpener is a small device that you attach to your existing garage door opener – and operate with your Smartphone via Bluetooth. Your existing clickers and buttons will continue to operate normally, but you add the functionality and convenience of having another garage door button on your phone! All you need is a screwdriver and to plug it into an electrical outlet.


You can back HiQ for £95 ($150) and get a device for your support


Source [Tech Chee]