The Caddytrek For Golfing Assistance



The CaddyTrek is not just a motorised golf trolley, it is robotic and that means like a faithful dog it will follow you around the course. However, it can be controlled through remote control if you find that your robotic pal has become a little disobedient. The great thing about this, is it will run for at least twenty seven holes and it will not answer back either.



These are the details on this interesting CaddyTrek electric golf caddy can offer the user;



Caddytrek is a brand new smart and compact robotic golf caddy that follows you faithfully around the golf course. The lithium ion battery can last 27 holes and beyond. With powerful dual motors the terrain gripping, treaded, wheels make climbing hills and managing all terrain a breeze.  Not only does the cart follow your movements, it can also be remotely controlled giving you the advantage of sending it to the next tee or call it back from afar.  The most compact and lightweight caddy in the world, it folds and unfolds easily. In its folded state the caddytrek only occupies a footprint 18.3 x 11.6 x 22.9, making it ideal for storage and travel.


Priced £1,000 ($1,600)


Source [Tech Gadgets]