A Touch Of Class From Gresso



Gresso are well known for producing new and exclusive phones and phone cases. However, with the launch of the Regal Black phone, they have surpassed all of the expectations in design and style. This is a phone that not only offers the buyer exclusivity, but the chance to own one of just 333 versions of this phone that has been designed with speed and boats in mind.



These are the features and details on this smart and exclusive Regal Black phone by Gresso;


All Gresso manufactured pieces, as well as the Regal Black, are traditionally handcrafted. The details are impeccably made. The phone represents the highest quality and reliability criteria.

Avantgarde Regal is an exclusive line of legendary collection , a luxurious accessory for spotlight person.

The Regal phone series are limited. The total number of the Regal Black phones is 333 pieces.


The price of this sort of luxury is around £3,150 ($5,000) given the specs and features of this device, this price is about right.


Source [Gresso]