Bioware Address Mass Effect 3 Issues



It is nearly always the same when a long running game finally comes to an end there are going to be players who love the ending and those that totally hate the ending! This has been the case with Mass Effect 3, the third and final instalment of the game has left many fans disappointed. The response to the ending has forced one of the co-founders of BioWare, Dr. Ray Muzyka to make a statement on the ending of the game.



According to a blog posting by Dr. Ray Muzyka, the co-founder of BioWare;


If you are a Mass Effect fan and have input for the team – we respect your opinion and want to hear it. We’re committed to address your constructive feedback as best we can. In return, I’d ask that you help us do that by supporting what I truly believe is the best game BioWare has yet crafted. I urge you to do your own research: play the game, finish it and tell us what you think. Tell your friends if you feel it’s a good game as a whole. Trust that we are doing our damndest, as always, to address your feedback.  As artists, we care about our fans deeply and we appreciate your support.


Source [Nerd Approved]