New BoxWave Case For The iPad 3



This is a smart new case for the cool new iPad, it is made from leather and should protect the device from most things that could scratch or mark the device. Just to make this case even more useful, it will also double up as stand too, so there is no need to keep removing the device from its new case every time you need to use it.



These are the details on the BoxWave Nero Leather Case for the iPad 3;


Just fit with the new iPad 3

Can activate the sleep and wake features of the new iPad 3 with magnetic smart cover

Slim and light weight case

Form-fitting case

Crafted with durable synthetic leather

Cover folds on behind and latches to make an excellent and stable viewing stand

Hard plastic shell edge that always give perfect protection on every place

Can eliminating wiggle room


Priced at £18.38 ($40)


Source [Tell Gadget]