Twitter Is Six Years Old



It doesn’t seem that long when Twitter first started to be used and of course back then there were plenty of people willing to speak out about what a waste of time it would be, how wrong they were. Founder Jack Dorsey @jack first planned out what Twitter would look like in March 2006 and today their 140 million active users who are sending out around 340 million tweets every day! Happy Birthday #twitter #jack



This is what a posting on the official Twitter blog had to say about the anniversary;


Six years may not be very long in human terms, but it’s been quite an enormous span for the thing we know and love as Twitter. When @jack first sketched out his notion in March 2006, no one could have predicted the trajectory of this new communication tool. Now it seems that there are as many ways to express yourself in 140 characters as there are people doing it. And at last check, there are more than 140 million active users (there’s that number again) — and today we see 340 million Tweets a day. That’s more than 1 billion every 3 days. However concisely, it turns out there’s plenty to say.


Source [The Next Web]