Cool Free Copter Game For Blackberry



Looking for a great new game for your Blackberry, then look no further than this retro styled Copter game! It has all of the looks from the eighties and yet it works well on the Blackberry display, its ideal for wasting a bit of time now and then.



These are the details for the classic Copter game;


This game is a classic helicopter game. Guide the helicopter through the cave and avoid the obstacles.


This is how to play the game;


Press any non-control key and hold it (non-touch screen devices) or touch the screen and hold (touch screen devices) and the helicopter will accelerate upward.  Release the key (non-touch screen devices) or take your finger off the screen (touch screen devices) and the helicopter will fall with gravity.


Priced at free and available now from Blackberry App World


Source [Fresh Techweb]