Minecraft Compares Well With Angry Birds



When it comes down to cash, the firm behind Minecraft, Mojang has made around £50 ($80) million in revenues, whereas the developer behind Angry Birds and fellow Scandinavian resident, Rovio have made £63 ($100) million. So it seems that Scandinavia is a wonderful place to be when it comes to developing easy to play and very addictive games!



According to Carl Manneh, who is the chief executive of the games developer Mojang;


“We’ve been approached by a number of high-profile Hollywood producers and asked to do TV shows,”


He continues by saying;


“We may do that. It is hard when you don’t have any experience and someone comes to throw these ideas around. We have so much to focus on with just the game development and growing the business. But if the right idea comes along and the right people that we’d want to work with, we’d say why not?”


Source [Kotaku]