Steampunked iMac Mod Is Cool



When it comes to steampunk there are plenty of great things to choose from, but it seems that when it comes to computers the steampunk effect does not always seem to work. But in this case, David Lee has managed a great job; in fact, it is more than that because this is a perfect example of a steampunked computer, the eyeMac Difference Engine.



These are the details and features for the eyeMac Difference Engine of Wickedness;


It does take time to get an antique pump organ and requires a down payment to secure said organ. Much like other items, I will text or email you a photograph of the organ to obtain the “go ahead” at which time the down payment would be required. I can build in any iMac or stand alone PC. It will include custom brass pieces with custom engraved designs based on your tastes and ideas.


Priced at £1,900 ($3,000)


Source [Technabob]