The Device That Helps Paraplegics To Stand



This is the Tek Robotic Mobilization Device (RMD) it’s an incredible device designed by scientists from Turkey, it may appear to look like a modified Segway, but there is a serious issue side to this. You have to imagine not being able to stand to appreciate what a difference this device could make to those who cannot stand up. This is a device that has the potential to change people’s lives.



According to the Tek RMD website here is what the Tek Robotic Mobilization Device (RMD) can do;



Tek RMD, provides the opportunity of movement for people with paraplegia by enabling them to independently stand up in a completely upright position with correct posture, facilitating their movement and comfortable completion of their daily tasks indoors, such as in the home, office and shopping mall. Tek RMD is not an alternative to wheelchairs, it is a totally new concept, a new platform.


Source [The Week]