Want To Play Mad Men?



It had to happen sooner than later, the hugely popular TV series Mad Men has been made into a game and not just any old game either. It is in 8 bit and the player is able to choose a tailor made adventure, if you can call it that! It is all the idea of the Fine Bros, who are very clever at putting these YouTube games together.



You play the main man, Don Draper, who appears to like the odd drink or three, as well as women and making money, sounds like the ideal life! We must play this game ASAP!



These are the details on the interesting idea of Mad Men the game;


Play as Don Draper from Mad Men and help him complete all 3 tasks to save the company! There are 3 different endings based on the order you complete the tasks, we encourage you to play the game multiple times to see all possible endings. The game “knows” which order you picked! Technology at work, enjoy the game!


Source [Design Boom]



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