Another Use For The Mac Studio



There cannot be many of these Mac Studio machines left in service, but if there are and the owner was looking for an upgrade then there could be life beyond computing for their colourful computer. This is the idea of a cleverly named designer called AtomicAttic, who has taken the inner workings of the computer out and filled it with a fluffy pillow for the cat.



These are the details on this Up cycled Apple Computer Pet Bed;


It just made sense from doing the TV Pet Beds, when we found this ancient, yet not so ancient, Mac Studio Apple Computer, we knew what it was destined to be. It comes with a removable slipcover that is triple stitched, machine washable, as well as a cushion. This one has a white and black cow print. Mavis loves it. The rest speaks for itself. The opening is 13″x10″. It’s 17″ deep.


Priced at £84 ($130)


Source [Incredible Things]