BT RABIT Will Detect Cable Theft



The cost of cable theft from the BT network can run into thousands of pounds, but it is not just BT footing the bill as both business and residential customers are affected by this issue too. In some cases, it is taking several days for the line to be repaired, but these long delays could be prevented by the Rapid Assessment BT Incident Tracker (RABIT).



It works quite simply by detecting damage or cutting of a cable, it will log the location and inform both BT and the police. The system has already been trailed and was found to be successful after the alert sent out the police, the thieves left empty handed and BT were left with a minor repair.


According to Luke Beeson, who is the general manager of BT security, he said;


“We are now able to inform the Police of the exact location of malicious network attacks and, if trials are anything to go by, it won’t be long before they start catching the thieves in the act.”


Source [Computer Active]