Snap Fuse Clips For The iPad



Here is a little clip for the iPad that is causing a stir; currently the people behind the Snap Fuse Clips are raising funds through the Kickstarter process. but these clips offer the iPad owner a number of features all designed to make owning the iPad a piece of cake. These functions are listed below but for each one there is somebody who is able to relate to it in some way, so there is a massive market just waiting for these Snap Fuse Clips to go sale.



These are the features that the Snap Fuse Clips can offer the iPad help with;



Stylus Clip – A simple clip to always have your stylus or a pen on hand when you have your iPad.

Double Clip – We realize that even if you are paperless with iPad, someone will hand you paper for notes, reminders, documents, and other things. Now have both a stylus for your iPad and a pen for those other papers with you.

Card/Multi-Use Clip – Always keep your business cards handy when going to meetings. It also is a great clip to use for bluetooth headsets.

Cord Wrap – We all know what a pain it is when you forget your headphones as you are boarding a plane. Keep them with you anytime you travel with the headphone wrap.

Screen Clip – Get rid of the frustration of having your smart cover flip around between your iPad when you are holding it in one hand. This clip easily keeps the cover completely open by snapping over the top edge of your iPad.


In order to get your hands on one of these clips you only need to back the project to the tune of £1.90 ($3) on the Kickstarter site.


Source [Lazy Tech Guys]