Standby For The Twittertape



Currently this is working prototype, which is a real shame because we want one of these Twittertape machines in the office. It has that retro style from an era long gone and yet it prints out tweets and mentions from Twitter, it will automatically check Twitter every thirty seconds and prints out the results, with no ink or computer needed. The next version will come with a wireless connection and may even be able to search for multiple feeds, such as Facebook and RSS feeds, we definitely want one of those!


The Twittertape Machine from Adam Vaughan on Vimeo.


These are the details for the retro looking and very stylish Twittertape machine;



The Twittertape Machine is a prototype standalone networked device that prints a feed of your tweets and mentions on Twitter. The design is inspired by the ticker tape machines of the late 1800’s that kept the rich and famous up to date with the movement of their stocks and shares. No ink or computer is required, simply give the machine power and an Ethernet connection to the internet and it will automatically check Twitter for new tweets every 30 seconds.


Source [Gizmag]