Take The Whole Office With You



Here is a design where images of those stylish days of air travel during the middle of last century, because this trunk is made from same sort of aluminium, has rivets, screws and rounded corners, all of which can be found on classic aircraft. However, this is not a trunk for clothing; it is your portable office. Clearly, this is not for airline travel, but cruising and for long road or camping trips and if you have the space, this has to be for you.



These are the details for this stylish Blackhawk Secretary Trunk;


Inspired by the gleaming nose cones and fuselages of mid-20th-century aircraft, this trunk is clad in a patchwork of polished aluminium panels accented with exposed steel screws. Rounded corners and inset drawer pulls give it sleek, aerodynamic lines. Size 41″ W x 30″ D x 77″ H and Weight 525 lbs.


Priced at £2,300 ($3,650)


Source [Cool Material]