The Headbuddy Headphone Organiser



The white cable of the Apple headphone has been style icon ever since the early days of the iPod. However, using this kind of headgear is not always suited to running, be it to keep fit or just after the bus, these earplugs will work they way loose.



The solution could be this Headbuddy design; it is a cool looking way of keeping the cables and earpieces where they should be and flapping around being annoying as well as looking totally uncool.


These are the details on what makes the Headbuddy so interesting;


Apple’s headphones are great. Stylish, iconic, there when you need them. But we like to run and our Apple headphones don’t. So we went about creating a simple and affordable solution that meant we could use our existing Apple headphones in a more effective way while running.


Priced at £22 ($35)


Source [Curve Creative]