BBC Updates Its Mobile News Site



The trouble with sites designed to work on mobile phones is that not everything works perfectly all of the time and for a news site such as the BBC, getting all of the content working properly is a big issue. However, this is something that the BBC’s developers have been working on and will continue to do so over the next few months or so. It is a good start, as the mobile site looks slick and is quick too.



According to a post on the BBC Internet Blog, Kate Milner, who is the mobile product manager for BBC News, said;


I’m pleased to tell you that today we relaunched the BBC News mobile website for audiences in the UK and around the world.


She continued by saying;


The new-look site is designed to work on a range of mobile devices and screen sizes, whether your phone is a touchscreen one or whether you use a keypad or trackball. Now when you browse the mobile site, what you see will be tailored to the device you have in your hand, for example the way you move around the news sections and the number of images you see.


Source [BBC]



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