Expansion Board For The Raspberry Pi



It may have only been a few weeks since the small but perfectly formed Raspberry Pi computer went on sale, but already there are some cool expansion boards being tested.



This one is the new version of the Gertboard it helps the Raspberry Pi to operate a motor and slider controller, which may seem pointless but it is not, this is computing at the basic level.



According to a recent blog posting by the famous Raspberry Pi pr, Liz Upton, #Liz_Upton she said;


Apologies to Gert, who sent me this last week while I was offline; I only saw it today. The “next week” he mentions is, in fact, this week – hooray! A general rule for everyone: if you want to get in touch with me and it is important, please email rather than PM me. (Famous last words before being buried in a ton of mail.)


Source [Raspberry Pi]