Fridge Magnet That Orders Pizza



It seems like a dream come true, a device that you stick onto the door of your fridge and in the case of a pizza emergency, you just have to press the button! This device has been named the VIP Fridge Magnet, the user has it preset to order a certain pizza so that when the button is pressed it connects via Bluetooth to the users Smartphone and the order is sent.



The user is able to update their account with new selections online as and when needed, the downside of all this is that it’s the idea of the Red Tomato Pizza restaurant who just happen to be based in Dubai, somehow delivery to here or anywhere else, would seem to be an impossible dream, for now that is.



Here is why the pizza delivery business is about to change for the better;


This summer, when your hunger is ravishing, but your fridge is empty, there is one device that can change your destiny. Some people call it a ‘pizza emergency button for your belly’. Others say it’s the ‘best thing since sliced bread’. We call it ‘The VIP Fridge Magnet’.


Source [Mashable]



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  1. This is awesome. Red tomato pizza has done great job by exploring such creative option. I guess the VIP customers of Dubai are so happy having this option near them. To bad in USA such option is not available. Thanks

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