Smart Looking Solar Powered LED Lamp



Here is a cool design from the Belgian designer Alain Gilles, it was created for brand O’Sun and is quite capable of provided light in places where there is no power and is a cleaner alternative to other styles of lamps, such as gas or kerosene. The lamp is made from plastic and has twelve LED installed to provide enough light so that kids can read when the natural light fails, as well as for areas that have been hit by natural disasters and where light can save lives. Although it has to be said that, the colouring and design is more in line with something that could found in the gardens of more fortunate people.



These are the features and benefits for the cool looking Nomad Solar Lamp;


The shell of the lamp is made from ABS plastic, and is powered using 12 LEDS (chosen for their longevity), a 5 watt solar panel, and battery 2x 2699 ma/h li-on. Though its primary users are those in developing countries and individuals hit by humanitarian or natural disasters, Gilles has envisioned the lamp for use also within industrialized countries, where one may need to light a terrace or garden shed, and who appreciates the flexibility of a rechargeable solar lamp. In western countries, ‘nomad’ can be charged using a mains adapter and a vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. It also comes with an attachment allowing one to recharge their mobile phone, which can be connected to a second lamp if necessary.


Source [Technabob]