Solar Towers Generate 20 Times The Power



A new solar panel design could produce up to twenty times the amount the power from the same surface area than a standard solar panel. We say that it is about time, because for years we have been waiting for some sort of breakthrough in this industry, could this be it? The design is slightly unusual as it uses a cube style design that is built up into a tower and therefore is able to produce more energy from the sun. Of course, the next question would be how much this is going to cost, well as per usual, this is new tech and the costings are not being released, which generally means expensive!



According to Jeffrey Grossman, who is Carl Richard Soderberg Career Development Associate Professor of Power Engineering at MIT, he said;


“I think this concept could become an important part of the future of photovoltaics. Even 10 years ago, this idea wouldn’t have been economically justified because the modules cost so much, the cost for silicon cells is a fraction of the total cost, a trend that will continue downward in the near future.”


Source [Geeky Gadgets]