Steve Jobs Is The Greatest Entrepreneur



It was after his death at the age of 56 that we started thinking about just what Steve Jobs had done and now Fortune magazine have named him their Greatest Entrepreneur of our time. With good cause too, for he not only made Apple what it is, but was also behind the created of NeXT and of course, Pixar too.



Here is the list of the top 12 entrepreneurs as compiled by Fortune magazine;


1. Steve Jobs – Apple

2. Bill Gates – Microsoft

3. Fred Smith – FedEx

4. Jeff Bezos – Amazon

5. Larry Page & Sergey Brin – Google

6. Howard Schultz – Starbucks

7. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

8. John Mackey – Whole Foods

9. Herb Kelleher – Southwest Airlines

10. Narayana Murthy – Infosys


Source [Cult of Mac]