Harry Potter eBooks Go On Sale



JK Rowling’s Pottermore online store and community have begun to sell the Harry Potter books as an eBook, it makes the site the first place to buy these books from and the good news is that the files are unprotected. Therefore, this means that they will work on most iOS devices, Android powered devices and in fact, any device capable of taking a standard ePub file.



These are the details on the eBooks according to the Pottermore website;


eBooks are available in various different formats. The industry standard and most common type of file is EPUB – this is how the Harry Potter eBooks are supplied. So, as long as your computer, mobile phone, tablet or eReader supports EPUB files – don’t worry, most do – then you’re ready to get started and buy eBooks from the Pottermore Shop.


Prices start on the site from £5 ($8) to £39 ($62) for the full box set


Source [Electronista]