The Stairlift For Dogs



It seems that it not just older people who are in need of some assistance getting up the stairs, overweight dogs need a bit of help too. At the moment this is concept device called the Stair of the Dog 2022, now if it were the 1st April then we would be a little bit careful with something like this.



There is a serious point to this stair lift and it is not helping the dog get upstairs before you do, it is to highlight the amount of overweight dogs that there are around. Research shows that in the UK one in three dogs are overweight and by 2022, this figure would increase to half of all dogs.


Despite this being a concept idea, the people behind the design are actually hopeful that this device will get enough backing to get into production, even then the price is likely to be around £5,000 ($8,000).


Source [Gajitz]