This Robot Leaps Onto Buildings



It had to happen sooner or later, but here it is a robot that can leap on and off a tall building, up and down rough terrain as well as move very fast along a flat surface, all by remote control at the moment but in the future who knows what these things will be doing. It is called the Sand Flea and for good reason as it can jump thirty feet into the air, it is being developed by Boston Dynamics for the US Army.



These are the details on the Flea robot from Boston Dynamics;



Sand Flea is an 11-lb robot with one trick up its sleeve: Normally it drives like an RC car, but when it needs to it can jump 30 feet into the air. An onboard stabilization system keeps it oriented during flight to improve the view from the video uplink and to control landings. Current development of Sand Flea is funded by the US Army’s Rapid Equipping Force.


Source [Boston Dynamics]