Angry Birds In The Real World



Just in case there is anybody out there who has not heard about Angry Birds, this is game where you throw birds at pigs, it sounds crazy and yet it is a mega hit. Now this game has left the digital world to take on the likes of Monopoly and other board games. This version of Angry Birds brings all of the fun of the computer game into the real world, where you can expect it to get a bit rough sometimes, especially when players start to lose the game, it’s what Angry Birds is all about.



These are the main features of the real world version of Angry Birds;


Please Note: Suitable for ages 4+

Product Features: Indoor/outdoor game for all ages – Build a wooden structure for the green pig – Pelt your Angry Birds at it to dislodge the green pig – Score points for where the pig lands on the scoring mat – Scoring mat turns into handy carrying bag – All materials suitable for outdoor use – Fully licensed by Rovio

Dimensions: Mat measures approximately 100cm (Ø) – Bird characters measure approximately 10cm (Ø) – Pig measures approximately 5cm (Ø)


Priced at £25 ($40)


Source [Coolest Gadgets]