The Cardboard Berlin Boombox



It was only yesterday when we featured the gadget that was adopted the fastest and it turned out to be the Boombox. Just by complete coincidence, we have now found the modern day version of the Boombox, it has been designed for a wide range of Smartphone’s and believe it or not it is made from cardboard too, now that is really is cool.



Here are some details on the Berlin Boombox for use with Smartphone’s;



The Berlin Boombox is made of partially recycled cardboard. All cardboard parts are fully recyclable. It also saves weight, which means less energy is used for shipping. The Berlin Boombox is made in Berlin. Except for the electronic parts, which are imported from Asia, all design, screen-printing, cardboard production and packaging is done locally.


This is not for sale at the moment, but is on the crowd funding site Kickstarter, where a pledge of £32 ($50) will guarantee you a Berlin Boombox, once it goes into production.


Source [Cool Material]