A Kettle Mashed With Mug Is A Kug




Initially this is something that was designed for people suffering from arthritis as it allows the user to make a hot drink without having to mess around with a heavy kettle. Because the heating part connects to the bottom of the mug and detaches once the drink is hot. However, as more people began to see it in action they all wanted on and so the Kug has gone into a new phase of development. It will being going on sale very soon more details to follow.



These are the details for the Kettle to mug device, the Kug;


The Kug is a combination kettle mug hence the name KUG (Kettle Mug). Users can make a hot drink in their mug without having to interact with a kettle. The Kug was originally designed with people suffering from arthritis in mind but has it since become hugely popular and everybody wants one! The Kug started life as a design project for two college students. It won the Pfizer and Arthritis Ireland Easy to Use Award in 2010 and since then it has been a roller-coaster of a year for the creators Alan Harrison and Ben Millett from NCAD in Dublin.


Source [Curve]