Even Elephants Like The Samsung Galaxy Note




They say that elephants never forget, well we will not be forgetting this one in a hurry. This is Peter the elephant using the cool Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone and if we were to follow his lead, then we would all be switching over to one of these devices. At first, we were thinking April Fool, but this was made a week ago and there are other earlier videos of Peter using the Samsung Galaxy Note, so we would like to believe it, what about you?



These are the details that come with the video to help you make your mind up;


Peter the elephant plays with a Samsung Galaxy Note. This is all real, no film trickery, post-production or hidden cuts — he’s just a very clever elephant. Check out the unedited footage clips if you don’t believe it: http://youtu.be/TBfxwbVjCbU The applications Peter uses don’t all come with the phone – some may need to be purchased separately.


Source [Xerxy]