No Excuses For Dirty Clothes



Here is an interesting idea, it is the Scrubba wash bag and it will revolutionise travelling and festival going forever. Basically, it’s a handy little bag that can wash your clothes in the similar way that a washing machine does and there is no need for washing powder either because it will work with shampoo, soap or just about any other cleaning material available at the time.



This how the Scrubba wash bag will work no matter where the user is;



The Scrubba wash bag results from the fusion of old and new technology, bringing the washboard into the 21st century.  Washboards have been around for centuries and they work!  However, washboards are cumbersome and still require a tub or large bucket to use effectively.  The Scrubba wash bag is the perfect solution for washing clothing while travelling or camping as the Scrubba wash bag includes a highly flexible washboard in a flexible waterproof housing.


The price of the Scrubba wash bag is expected to be around £50 ($80)


Source [Gizmag]