Be More Social With Tvinx



The idea of creating or building a social network is appealing but at the same time, you have to think where do you start? However, one of the internet’s best kept secrets Tvinx, can offer everyone the chance to become a reporter and social networker in their own right. The site free to join and members start reporting on news and events from their patch. After all, they are going know what is going there and in many cases will be first on the scene.



According to the Tvinx press release, this is what the website is all about and what it can offer;

Tvinx represents a new age in the information industry: a net for production, distribution and reading the news generated by the users from all over the world. Every person with a computer, mobile phone or other device connected to the Internet becomes a reporter who informs the world about the events in their suburb, city, country or continent.

Source [The Sacramento Bee]



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