Camping Stove Style Cup Warmer



This is for anyone who went camping a few years ago and who remembers those butane gas stoves, burnt sausages and beans. Well for those who would like those experiences to be rekindled this is the device for the job. It looks like a camping gas stove, but in reality it is merely a warmer for your mug of coffee or tea! It is USB powered so it is ideal for work and it ensures that your drink stays warm despite any interruptions.



These are the details on this useful Gas Stove Shape USB Cup Warmer;


It’s really very annoying. Well, at last there’s a suitably techie solution in the USB cup warmer. Simply plug this little gadget into your USB port, pop your mug on the hot plate and the cup warmer will keep your beverage at the optimum temperature for as long as you care to leave it.


Priced at £13 ($21)


Source [Infmetry]