Google Tap Fools Gold




Sometimes Google really do surpass themselves when it comes to April Fools, we had the Google Maps for the NES, which was funny and then there is Google Tap! This ideal is so good it could be real, in fact the idea is so good that developers are currently out there working on a real Google Tap app, now there really would be an app for every occasion, even if was meant for April Fool’s Day, but who is the real fool here.



According to the special pages put up on Google, this is what to expect from Google Tap, if it were real of course;


Features; Two keys: dot and dash – Space bar: added to increase typing speeds – Multi-email mode: dual threaded keyboard (Warning: power users only) – Predictive text mode: auto complete re-imagined – Optional audio feedback: engage all your senses


Source [Google About Gmail]