Magic Mouse With Carbon Fibre



The Magic Mouse is a great piece of kit from Apple, but sometimes it is just nice to have something that looks a little bit different to what everyone else is using. Carbon Fibre Magic will do exactly that, by covering your beloved mouse with awesome carbon fibre! You can even choose from a black, graphite, silver or white finish on a new or your old mouse.



These are the features that you can expect to be getting with the Carbon Fibre Magic Mouse;


With the luxury two-tone look of real carbon fibre, your newly enhanced Magic Mouse will set your Mac apart from the rest.  It will turn heads and garner compliments everywhere you use it. Available in four different colours, each has its own distinct look – One is sure to match your style.  We only use the highest quality vinyl available.


Priced at £62 ($99) or for just £18 ($29) they will revamp your old mouse!


Source [Geeky Gadgets]