Stylus For Touchscreens



Touchscreens are great for quickness and portability, but for more precise writing or drawing, they can be a little testing. That is where this handy stylus comes in, like a pen it can be carried in your pocket and when the occasion arises, just take it and get writing! It will even work over most screen protectors. It’s guaranteed to get your friends attention and they are going to want to know where you heard about it.



These are the features and specs for the Jot Capacitive Touch Stylus;


Capacitive Touch Stylus for your Smartphone or tablet

Captures the precision stroke of everything you write or draw

Thin and clear disc gives you accuracy at up to a 40 degree angle

Quality craftsmanship, feels like a luxury writing instrument

Materials: Durable aluminium and steel for superior conductivity

Protective cap sits on the back of the pen while you write

Compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices (Smartphone’s, tablets, iPod Touch, etc.)

Note: Jot works well with the majority of screen protectors, except the following: Zagg Glossy, Ghost Armor, Bodyguardz, Skinomi, Wrapsol


Priced from £14 ($22)


Source [Coolest Gadgets]