What If Mass Effect Was Animated?




It stands to reason that the move from video game to animated TV show is not that far to travel and despite there being rumours of a movie being made based on Mass Effect, it seems that an animated TV series is more likely and what makes this even more worrying is that IGN agree, check it out!



These are the details on the video and why IGN have decided to go down this route;


Happy April Fools‘ Day 2012 from IGN! This was animated by Harry Partridge (http://www.youtube.com/harrypartridge) and written/scored/produced in collaboration with IGN. We hope you enjoyed it! For 2012, IGN’s goal was to make a more obvious joke and have some fun. Past jokes included the Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer, The Aurors, Halo Bollywood and More!


Source [Neatorama]