Make Espresso In The Car




Sometimes only a decent cup of espresso will do, even if you are in the car! However, do not let that put you off because this is the Handpresso Auto and it delivers you with a shot or two of the black as and when you need it, by using the cars cup holder and 12 volt power port.



These are details for the Handpresso Auto espresso machine for the car;


Handpresso Auto is here: the espresso machine for the car

A revolutionary machine preparing a premium quality espresso in the car! Handpresso Auto helps you optimize your coffee break wherever you are.

Simple and easy to use, Handpresso Auto can be placed in the cup holder. Just plug the espresso machine into the 12V cigarette lighter, add water and a E.S.E. coffee pod of your choice. Then press the button, wait for the 3 beeps and the espresso is ready!

Thanks to the 16 bar pressure, the espressos are delicious, creamy and tasty!


Priced at £130 ($200)


Source [Fast Code Design]