The Gumball Dress Design



Gumball machines are few and far between these days, so if you like that sort of thing then this is a dress for the lady in your life, so that whenever the urge takes you simply cannot have one these, as they are fakes. It looks very stylish though and the colouring from the dress and the gumballs all make for an exciting design of dress that will get everyone talking.



These are the detail on how the Black Bubblegum machine dress with Neon Beads is made;


This dress is made out of a medium weight cotton/synthetic fabric with a red felt gumball machine stitched to the side of the front. The bubble part of the machine is see through and hold loose gumball beads. Gumball beads are attached along the bottom from of the dress. Back invisible zipper


Priced at £88 ($135)


Source [Technabob]