A New Kind Of Skateboard




The traditional skateboard is cool but it is really only good on hard surfaces, try it on grass or some other soft surface and you will be going nowhere fast. What you need is a skateboard with all terrain style treads fitted, just like the Rockboard Descender! This baby is going where other skateboards fail, its tracks can handle all sorts of surfaces from grass to sand and it looks cool too.



According to the Rockboard website, this is what the Descender has to offer;


Our new all-terrain board is outfitted with heavy rollers on tough-as-nails treads that grip just about any downhill surface you choose to attempt: pavement, grass, wooded paths, snowy hills, and more. No need to wait for a sunny day or a smooth sidewalk.


Priced at £76 ($120) when it is released this summer


Source [Oh Gizmo]