Now Angry Birds Really Fly




As there are millions of Angry Birds fans out there, it is only a matter of time before other related devices start to turn up. This is no exception and even though it is close to the 1st April, this remote controlled flying Angry Bird looks good enough to be real in the toy sense that is! As with all of these helicopters, it takes forty minutes to charge and in return, you end up getting eight to ten minutes of flying time. Therefore, if like many of us you are tempting to fly it outside the window of the office, make sure that you have enough time to get it back in.



These are the features for the very interesting Angry Birds Helicopter;


It is time to take your Angry Birds obsession to real-life proportions with the Angry Birds Helicopter. Why settle for a game on a tablet or phone when you can hold the real thing in your hands and bring it to life! See your favourite Red Bird flying through the air in the form of a Helicopter. The Angry Birds Helicopter is a must have for all Angry Birds fans.


Priced at £32 ($50)


Source [Coolest Gadgets]