Plants That Can Interact




Most of you must have heard about people who think talking to their plants helps them to grow, well what about if the plant was able to communicate back. It may sound weird and would probably creep the hell out of anyone that sat by it, but researchers at Keio University claim to have made a break through. But once again, we find ourselves looking at something released around the beginning of April, so, is this true tech or just a bit of a joke?



This is what the research team from the Keio University have to say about the project;


“The purpose of this system is to make living plants seem even more alive, and give them a greater presence. To do this, we’re attaching actuators to plants, so they have a more physical aspect, which could encourage communication between plants and people.”

“This plant is moved by pulling cords from two stepping motors. To time the movements, there are two sensors attached to the plants, a microphone and a motion sensor. The movements of the plants are based on what the sensors detect.”


Source [Diginfo]