The #twitter #coffee mug



It seems that Twitter user have been left out recently, with Facebook and Gameboy coffee mugs hitting the stores, Twitter users have been left out and that just will not do at all! So he is the answer, the Twitter mug, you can now show where your loyalties are! Unfortunately, there are no details on where this can be purchased, if you can buy it at all. However, the idea is worth #tweeting about!



These are the reasons why you should be thinking about the Twitter mug for your coffee;


Addicted to Twitter? Now even your morning cup of tea will be trending… as you drink out of your Tweet Mug! Trying to keep worldly observations to condensed spurts of 140 characters? Even the most dedicated twitter devotee needs to make time for their caffeine fix. Complete with hash tag handle, this mug is a gentle reminder to get back online for the latest updates.


There are no prices available for this #twitter mug so far!


Source [Incredible Things]