For Bubble Wrap Addicts




We often wonder about what makes an addict, normally it means that somebody has become so used to doing something that they find it hard to stop and this would seem to be the case when it comes to bubble wrap. You get people who simply have to pop those little plastic bubbles that make up a sheet of bubble wrap, no matter where they are and in some cases they may not even own that particular piece of bubble wrap either.



Therefore, here is the ultimate test for the bubble wrap addict! This is a press deep inside a factory; normally it would be used to bend metal into specific shapes as part of an industrial process. However, not today, for someone has stuffed the press with around thirty eight feet of bubble wrap and now all it is going to take is for somebody to press the start button for bubble wrap popping hell to start.


This is a classic piece of experimentation that probably turns out to be very satisfying to many people and possibly a little annoying to some others.


Source [Gizmodo]



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