How Social Networking Has Changed


If you ask anyone about social networking, the chances are the Facebook will be mentioned, if you asked how long social networking has been going, the answer is likely to be the same because this is the influence that Facebook has over the social networking scene.

However, if we actually look back some time into the past we will find that social networking has been around for long time, in fact some sources are able to claim that the CompuServe from the early 1960’s is the first reference point for social networking as it was what the internet was initially designed for.

So we can track back to the sixties right through to the present day and beyond, in fact this handy graphic actually gives us a timeline for social media over the past forty to fifty years, it ends with the latest network called Get Lunched, a site for professional types to connect and have a bit of lunch all at the same time! Sounds rather interesting I might #getlunched myself!

It is interesting graphic that takes in almost all of the social networking highlights and some of which we may not have even known about at all!



Source [Social Times]



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