Kobo Wireless eReader For £49!




Here is a chance for anyone in the market for a wireless eReader to get themselves a decent bargain from the supermarket giant ASDA. They are selling the Kobo Wireless eReader – Onyx for just £49, it comes with a hundred classic books already pre-loaded onto the device, so finding something to read is not going to be difficult. To add to this collection the wireless receiver allows the user to search from a library of almost 2.5 million titles at affordable prices.


These are the main features and specs for the Kobo Wireless eReader – Onyx;


Designed by book lovers for book lovers, the Kobo Wireless eReader is intuitive, lightweight and compact. Now with Wi-Fi, you can browse and buy books on the go – anytime and anyplace. Access over 2.5 million books, browse and search easily, or read right out of the box with one of the 100 timeless classics that comes preloaded for free with the Kobo Wireless eReader.


The price of this device was around £67, but currently it can be found for just £48 and that has to be a bargain, in anyones book, doesn’t it?


Source [Crave]